Sustainable business model for climate finance. Key drivers for the commercial banking sector

The identification of a reference framework—the sustainable business model structure—exposes a new tool for banks to reanalyse their business models and adapt to a climate-resilient economy. The identification was done by a combination of analysis of current literature with regard to common and sustainable business models, which indicated three key levers for commercial banks looking to boost climate: target, sustainable value proposition, and sustainable value creation. Through a case study comparing the application of sustainable business model structure to a selection of five global banks, a collection of best practices was gathered to improve a bank’s profitability while reducing its clients and its own contribution to climate change. These banks were chosen through a series of criteria that ensure their eligibility as global commercial banks undergoing a business model transition to adapt to a climate-resilient economy.

Publication Type : Journal Article
Country : N/A
Language : English
Year : 2023