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The Normative Foundations of International Climate Adaptation Finance

Billions of dollars are annually transferred to poor nations to help them adapt to the effects of climate change. This Element examines how the discourses on adaptation finance of many developing country negotiators, environmental groups, development charities, academics and international bureaucrats have renewed a specific vision of aid, that of an aid intended to respond to international injusti...

Settling Climate Accounts: Navigating the Road to Net Zero

Settling Climate Accounts probes the practice of Net Zero finance. It elucidates both the state of play and a set of directions that help form judgements about whether Net Zero is going to carry climate action far enough.

Accelerating finance for addressing loss and damage through the global stocktake

The global stocktake seeks to enhance climate ambition through assessment and review of collective efforts every five years. A recent breakthrough in finance for addressing loss and damage is an opportunity to strengthen the finance agenda and rebuild much needed trust in the multilateral system.

GCF: Catalysing finance for climate solutions

The window to address the climate crisis is rapidly shrinking. Floods, droughts, heatwaves, extreme storms, and wildfires are breaking records with alarming frequency around the world. Failure to limit global warming to the Paris Agreement targets will result in even more devastating consequences for people and planet, with vulnerable populations suffering the most. Ambitious action is urgently ne...

Making blended finance work for nature-based solutions

This paper provides an overview of various financial instruments available for climate action and nature conservation, focusing on the innovative approaches taken by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and its partners to catalyze finance at scale. This paper discusses five categories of instruments to catalyze finance for nature-based solutions and how instruments can be combined for maximum impact, suc...

GCF Strategic Plan 2024-2027 overview

This overview provides a brief synopsis of GCF’s Strategic Plan. For more details about the Strategic Plan

Thus spoke GPT-3: Interviewing a large-language model on climate finance

This paper is an interview with a Large Language Model (LLM), namely GPT-3, on the issues of climate change. The interview should give some insights into the current capabilities of these large models which are deep neural networks with generally more than 100 billion parameters. In particular, it shows how eloquent and convincing the answers of such LLMs can be. However, it should be noted that L...

How Blended Finance Can Support Climate Transition in Emerging and Developing Economies

Innovative instruments and equity finance are needed to enhance risk-sharing through public-private partnerships and maximize the impact of scarce public funds

The Role of Bank Regulators in the Promotion of Green and Climate Finance

Over the past years, interest has increased in including environmental and climate-related issues in central banks, financial regulators, and supervisors’ activities. The scientific discussion and actions taken by these institutions are presented in this chapter. It describes how central banks are increasingly seen as key players in advancing regulations supporting a low-carbon or “net-zero” agend...

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