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Call for nominations to renew the Scientific Committee of the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) Programme

The mission of the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) programme is to mobilize science for the reduction of all types of disaster risk; building resilience and reducing vulnerability by integrating risk science with climate change adaptation and mitigation and sustainable development. IRDR aims to usher in an inclusive, safe and sustainable world by promoting a better understanding of dis...

International Science Council

RAIN phase II

We are looking for innovative and scalable nature positive solutions that drive investment in ecosystems and increase resilience while resulting in a stronger and better context for nature positive agriculture to flourish. The initiatives must build resilience for those most vulnerable to shocks and stresses, and include a focus on gender, equity and human rights, and protect biodiversity. Specifi...

East Africa
Global Resilience Partnership, Shockwave Foundation, Munich Re Foundation

African Development Fund CAW Adaptation Sub-window

The Climate Action Window was created during the 16th replenishment of the African Development Fund (ADF-16). Managed by and housed at the African Development Bank, it takes into consideration the climate change impacts in 37 least development countries in Africa, most of which are among those most vulnerable to climate change. Its initial funding of $429 million has been pledged by the United Kin...

African Development Bank

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS 2024 – PHASE 1 (Danida Fellowship Centre)

Universities and research institutions in Denmark can apply for support to research collaboration projects in selected countries with development cooperation with Denmark. The application must be submitted together with research partners in one or more of the selected countries with development cooperation with Denmark.



France, as a major player in the fight against climate change and guarantor of the spirit of the Paris Agreement, is launching a new MOPGA visiting fellowship program geared towards strengthening scientific contributions to climate change issues raised by the COPs.

Campus France

IKI Small Grants

The IKI Small Grants component ‘Funding Institutions’ strengthens the capacities of national and regional institutions to implement their own funding programme in the respective countries or regions. Selected institutions receive technical support from GIZ as well as funding of up to 850,000 euros to implement their own call for proposals or funding line for small-scale projects and measures at lo...


Grants for social science research on solar radiation modification

The Degrees Initiative is offering grants to researchers in the Global South to study the social and political dimensions of solar radiation modification (SRM) geoengineering. SRM is a controversial proposal for reducing some of the impacts of climate change by reflecting a small fraction of sunlight away from the Earth.

The Degree Initiative

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